Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Something is moving and it is not my face - Algo se mueve y no es mi cara

[ENGLISH] Two months and 1 week of Bell’s Palsy, many acupuncture sessions, 6 painful injections of every vitamin B under the sun and my face is not really moving one little bit. See the video that I just made... feeling a bit down today. It was windy and rainy and that did not help my mood. I am better than I used to be but nowehre near where I was hopin gto be... recovery is SLOW. On the other hand #2 was having a wild belly party this evening, it was as if he could not find a comfortable posture; it lasted more than one hour. I think that now he is sleeping but is still moving a bit.

[ESPAÑOL] Dos meses y una semana de Parálisis de Bell, muchas sesiones de acupuntura, 6 dolorosas inyecciones con todos los tipos de vitamina B que existen y mi cara sigue sin moverse. Se puede ver en el vídeo que he hecho esta tarde… hoy lo llevo un poco mal. El viento y la lluvia de hoy ciertamente no ayudaron con el ánimo. Estoy mejor de lo que estuve pero no tan bien como esperaba estar... la recuperación es LENTA. Por otro lado Secundino se montó una fiesta en mi barriga de esas salvajes, se pasó más de una hora dando botes, parecía que no acababa de ponerse cómodo; duró más de una hora. Creo que ahora duerme pero sigue moviéndose un poquito.



  1. Hi there - just to let you know I got bells palsy in the late stages of my second pregnancy. I had it for about a month and then it just disappeared. I, of course, googled and frightened myself silly with all the various things about bells palsy! Apparently it is quite common in pregnancy! I just wanted to let you know, there is some light at the end of the tunnel!

  2. Thanks Laura! I am really hopping for some light in the end of the tunnel. Did you take medication? Did it pass after the baby was born? I am already over 2 months and nothing is moving, my face looks less skewed but that's about it.